Pay Club Tuition & Parent F.A.Qs

Pay Club Tuition & Parent F.A.Qs

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USA of Indiana Tuition Payment Information

USA of Indiana

Travel Team Tuition

The entire annual USA of Indiana Travel Tuition is due July 1st or upon joining the team after evaluations. Travel tuition is not a la carte.

If one does not pay for the entire year in 1-4 checks or credit card charges prior to Labor Day, one must use a player payment plan secured with a credit card for automatic billing. Please contact USA of Indiana Administrator with questions on how to set up a payment plan.


  1. Each travel player must first pay $200 non-refundable commitment deposit prior to be added to the official roster.
  2. Each travel player must either fully pay or create a secured payment plan in the players' registration account. Post dated checks are welcome. Tuition assistance players' balance after grant must be addressed with Administrator if not secured with credit card, debit card, or checks.
  3. Each travel player’s past due balance must first be paid or addressed prior to being added to the official roster.
  4. Adhere to the tuition assistance procedures which include $200 non-refundable commitment deposit with application program requirements (see below).
  5. Only paid players or players with secured payment plan may be added to the official roster.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is included in Club Tuition?
  2. What are team fees and what do they include?
  3. Is my uniform included?
  4. What are my payment options?
  5. How does tuition work for players who play on high school teams in the fall?
  6. Is tuition assistance available?
  7. What if my player gets injured?
  8. Anything else I should know?

What is included in Club Tuition?

Club Tuition per team is posted here:

Each player is invoiced the Club Tuition including $200 deposit.

Players joining a U8-U14 team after the fall season is complete will be charged a prorated winter training season and spring season amount.

Included in Club Tuition:

  • Team training 2 to 3 times per week during the weeks when the team is active.
  • 4 tournaments for junior teams and 3 tournaments for senior teams, including the 3 events hosted by USA of Indiana and a State, Presidents, Challenge or Memorial Cup event. Each event includes Referee fees for that event.
  • League registration costs for the team (National League, Indiana Soccer League, Central Northwest Conference)
  • A licensed experienced travel coach and for many teams, an assistant coach and each stipend paid to the coach and assistant coach.
  • Club overhead for turf management for labor, as well as equipment including goals, nets, ties, lawn mowers, golf carts, utility trucks, tractor, and turf management equipment, for example, seeders and top dressers; and service of same.
  • Club administrators.
  • Goal keeping training
  • Specialty Training including Fitness Training, Finishing Training, Speed & Agility Training, Goalkeeper Training.  Offering varies through Fall, Winter, Spring seasons.
  • Free Training T shirt.  (Additional training shirts are available at the Club’s cost.)
  • Rentals for Club provide winter training locations including indoor training facility and area gyms.
  • Variety of coach gear including game balls.
  • Variety of coach apparel
  • Club Goals, nets, flags, banners, signs, etc.
  • Most coaching education tuition.
  • Cost of liability insurance in the name of each player and coach from Indiana Soccer association
  • Player and family outreach with calls, training videos, challenges, and online game contest.

What are team fees and what do they include?

  • Team Fees vary greatly from U8 to U19 ages and depending upon the expense of the Director’s choice events.
  • Each team manager will create a team budget and collect an equal amount from each player to pay for:
  • Referee fees for each league game or friendly (if necessary).  Tournament ref fees are included in each tournament registration.
  • Registration fees for additional tournaments as assigned by Director.  Each junior team will play 6 or more events.  Each senior team will play 4 of more events (including the November Indy Fusion Classic event).
  • Team rented outdoor turf or indoor facilities.
  • Minimal cost of coach hotel room for the same number of nights at the same hotel in which the team stays.  No mileage or per diem is to be collected by team manager nor paid to the coach.
  • Please note that some team budgets may require adjustments during the season, i.e. decision to play in an additional tournament. Additional tournaments must be approved by Director prior to registration for the event.

Is my uniform included?

  • Uniforms are ordered online by each player and cost about $100.
  • Depending upon the manufacturer’s production, uniforms may last 1 to 3 years.
  • Neither Club Tuition nor Team Fees include the costs for uniforms, warm ups, shin guards, soccer ball, back pack and any other apparel or spirt wear.  
  • The Club provides a free training t-shirt.

What are my payments options?

  • Credit or Debit Card payments are made online.
    Check: Please include your player’s name and team on the check and mail to:
    USA of Indiana, P.O. Box 532472, Indianapolis, IN 46253
    If you don’t pay entire balance in one check, please submit post-dated checks for balance or use USA of Indiana’s Tuition payment plan on line.
  • USA of Indiana offers several tuition payment plans. You may make multiple payments throughout the year and USA of Indiana will automatically charge your account each month until balance is paid.  All balances must be current at all times or player may not be able to participate.
  • Please note that the full tuition for all players is due by July 1.
    * Monthly payment plans are offered to relieve the financial burden of families for the full amount, but are not tied to months of soccer played. (An April payment is not for soccer played in April, for example.)

What about players who play on their high school teams?

  • USA of Indiana Travel teams U15-U19 often don't begin training until October.
    The posted Club Tuition is for the shorter Fall season, Winter training season, and the Spring season.
  • Teams are not playing a “half year” with tuition discounts.
  • Trapped players who choose to play a fall U15 season/training pay a separate and additional “Fall” only tuition.
  • $200 non-refundable Club Tuition deposit due by July 1st or immediately when joining the team.
  • 100% of Club Tuition is due in full July 1st unless a secured payment plan is established. Remember that payment plans are designed to spread the cost out over time. Payments are not tied to a specific month of soccer.
  • Popular option is $200 per month beginning July 1st until paid until paid in full.
  • Payment plans must be secured with credit or debit card.
  • Team Fees paid to team manager for team costs for activities.
  • If player is added to team after June Team Formations, there is still the opportunity to have monthly payments after the deposit is paid.

Is Tuition Assistance Available?

  • USA of Indiana Tuition Assistance is a part of the Club’s effort to allow all children to play soccer.  It is not sustainable nor designed to allow applicants to play for free. There are a number of options you may pursue that may help you to meet your family’s specific needs.
  • If you are not able to pay over time using the tuition payment plan, the Club has limited Tuition Assistance opportunities. Each family requesting assistance must complete an application from the player's registration form. Each family must pay the non-refundable deposit and have a zero balance from prior years in order to be considered for Tuition Assistance.
  • Tuition Assistance grants are partial amounts and are not guaranteed.  Families are responsible to pay the amount not covered by the Tuition Assistance grant.
  • Requests for Tuition Assistance goes to the USA of Indiana Board of Directors via the “Tuition Assistance Application” for approval.
  • Earn money for tuition:  USA of Indiana and Indiana Soccer Association offer Referee courses throughout the year.
  • Players could become referees and earn up to $60 each Saturday during Rec season.  

What if my player gets injured?

USA of Indiana Injury Policy:

  • For juniors
    Injury prior to August 1, full Club Tuition (for Fall) refund, less deposit.
    Injury between August 1- September 15, 50% of Club Fall Tuition (less deposit)
    After September 15, No refund.
  • For seniors
    Injury prior to winter training season, full Club tuition less deposit.
    Injury prior to March 1, full Club Spring season Tuition refund less winter training season and less deposit.
    Injury between March 1- April 15, 50% of Club Spring Tuition (less winter training season and less deposit)
    After April 15, No refund.
  • Note the annual tuition is divided into 3 portions: fall season, winter season, spring season.

Anything else I should know?

  • Other costs paid by each player include any travel expenses to and from training, games, events including food and hotel
  • Each guest or Club Pass player pays equal share of the tournament fee if participating in tournament.
    Important- no one may waive any Tuition or fees due to the Club or Team.  
  • Players joining a U8-U14 team after the fall season is complete will be charged a prorated winter training season and spring season amount.
  • USA of Indiana policy / procedure for travel player release request:
    A travel player who has paid $25 or more has committed, per both US Youth Soccer and Indiana Soccer association rules; to USA of Indiana for the soccer year 8/1-7/31 has also committed to paying 100% of the Club Travel Player Tuition plus 100% of the entire year's team fees.  Being 100% paid is deemed an acceptable fulfillment of the player's financial commitment.
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