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USA of Indiana Travel Soccer

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Why USA of Indiana?

Since 1979, USA of Indiana offers competitive travel soccer program fields age, based, gender-specific teams at a variety of levels of play for youth ages 7 to 19.

Teams play in the league best-suited for the team, including Indiana Soccer League "ISL", and the  National League Midwest, "NPL", and US Youth "National League" great Lakes. Travel may range from the greater Indianapolis area to statewide to regional travel. However, most teams will play the majority of games in and around Indianapolis. Teams form annually each June for the Fall to Spring soccer year.  

Great coaches, competitive teams, great facilities including; Mary & John Geisse Soccer Complex, USA of Indiana owned Brownsburg Soccer Complex, and USA of Indiana owned Avon Soccer Complex. Extra training and play including Winter turf training both indoor & outdoor, winter gym training, and futsal games.

Supplemental Evaluations may be held at any time for players unable to attend June tryouts (players new to the area), as roster space permits.  Supplemental evaluations are also held in October for the High School teams (15U-19U) who play a spring-only season.


At USA of Indiana, our commitment to excellence begins with our coaching staff. Staff includes top-tier coaches, each nationally licensed at the highest levels, ensuring that every player experiences unparalleled guidance and development. Supported by dedicated Directors overseeing teams and coaching personnel, our approach emphasizes continuous training and improvement within our coaching systems.

We take pride in the relentless dedication of our coaching staff, who consistently work to elevate player capabilities. Rigorous monitoring of player progress ensures every individual is placed within the optimal team for their growth and success.

Youth Academy

Our Youth Academy is the cornerstone of nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game. Designed for players aged 7-10, our focus extends beyond wins and losses; it's about instilling a passion for the sport while honing technical skills. We believe in cultivating a strong foundation by focusing on fundamental techniques, fostering teamwork, and nurturing a positive relationship with the game.

Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, players embark on a journey of discovery, where creativity and skill development are encouraged. At USA of Indiana, it's not just about playing soccer; it's about fostering a lifelong love for soccer while laying the groundwork for success for years to come.

Junior Teams

Our Junior Teams at USA of Indiana is designed for players aged 11-14. In these crucial formative years, we hone technical skills, refining ball control, passing precision, shooting prowess, and advanced dribbling techniques. Our coaching staff, adept in guiding young talents, introduce advanced tactical concepts, nurturing a deep understanding of formations, positional play, and strategic maneuvers essential for competitive success.

Moreover, our emphasis on physical development goes hand in hand with mental fortitude. We instill resilience, decision-making prowess, and a strong sportsmanship ethos. Our tailored approach recognizes individual strengths, channeling them through position-specific training, ensuring each player maximizes their potential.

Senior Teams

Our Senior Teams, comprising players aged 15-19, delve deep into the artistry of soccer excellence. At this advanced level, our coaching is tailored to refine technical finesse, honing precision in ball control, passing accuracy, lethal shooting capabilities, and mastery of complex dribbling techniques. Our seasoned coaching staff, equipped with experience at higher levels, instills a deep tactical understanding—unraveling the intricacies of formations, positional play, and advanced strategies essential for competitive success.

Emphasizing physical conditioning at its peak, our tailored training programs harness strength, speed, agility, and endurance, sculpting athletes prepared for the rigors of high-level play. Beyond physical development, we prioritize mental resilience, fostering decision-making, game intelligence, and leadership qualities.

Our Senior Teams at USA of Indiana serve as a stepping stone for aspiring collegiate or professional athletes. We provide comprehensive guidance, exposure to top-tier competitions, and pathways to higher levels of play, nurturing not just skilled players but visionary leaders poised for success on and off the field."

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