USA of Indiana Commissioner Recreation Page

USA of Indiana Commissioner Recreation Page

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Dear USA of Indiana Commissioner Recreation,

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the children of USA of Indiana.  Please contact USA of Indiana Director of Operations or Recreation Committee Chairperson with questions.  Much information is posted on the Recreation League page which has news, links to registration page, schedule page, rules, field maps, volunteer assignments and more. Please be certain to assign all “unassigned” players so we don’t miss a child.  I have assigned a set number of teams for each age division based upon the current and anticipated player numbers as well as assigned a specific team number and uniform color for each team.

  1. Assign the number of players to each team as I’ve outlined in the “fields needs” excel.
  2. Ensure that each team has an assigned and confirmed (by you) coach. Please start the recruiting process NOW. Each dual team is required tohave TWO assigned coaches.
  3. Review the number of players listed as "UNPAID" and contact those players ASAP to determine whether they indeed plan to play.
  4. There is NO reduction in the numbers of coaches needed, trained, and becoming more experienced at USA of Indiana.  USA of Indiana wants to involve all parents and trains parents to become Rec coaches.
  5. Parents need NOT move during the game to see their child play in both dual games, view from the end line.
  6. No Arcs on U5/U6/U7/U8 fields.  U5/U6: OK for player to kick in and keep dribbling.  This will provide for more soccer playing, less waiting for referees to blow whistle, less unnecessary do overs, less referee direction of how to kick off, restart.
  7. Replacement uniforms at cost: $15 for jersey, $5 for socks, $5 for shorts ($25 for entire kit).

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
USA of Indiana Recreation Committee, Chairperson



  1. How many players on a roster?  Has each coach been confirmed?
  2. Player wants to play down (usually No).  Player wants to play up (see below).
  3. How do I this?
  4. How do I email a roster?
  5. How to post rosters in Blue?

Go to teams.  Then click on the program and division you want.  Then scroll down under the teams and click on All Roster Actions - Post All Rosters.


  1. Risk Management summary as posted on Rec page:
    Risk Management Page
    “Coach is never to be alone with a single child.  Parent of second to last child to be picked up must wait with coach until the last child is picked up.”
  2. Special instructions for dual U5, U6, U7, & U8 coaches.  There entire team with both coaches trains together and plays two games at the same time on adjacent fields.  Parents sit 360 degrees around the dual fields.  No one but four coaches and players are between the two fields.
  3. Each team gets its game schedule from the website.  Look for “Game Schedules” link on Recreation page.
  4. Sample note from Commissioners to Coaches prior to season play.
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