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USA of Indiana Travel Team Manager Tuition FAQ

Revised 7/6/12

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First part to read is the Parent Tuition FAQ:

1. All figures are estimates. Actual amounts are published each June. If you send to parents a Club Tuition amount, be sure to use the actual Club Tuition published at Player Evaluations for the current year (and NOT the estimates).
2. USA of Indiana travel player tuition is paid in monthly installments by most parents.

As stated in Parent FAQ:
“Club Tuition” is what each player pays into the Club and includes USA of Indiana’s registration fee, coaching stipend, Soccer Director and trainer stipends, all ordinary US Club or IYSA fees, including team registration fee.  USA of Indiana Registration portion includes allocated expenses (paint, nets, goals, equipment, website, communication, administration), Ref assignor fees for home games, online player registration costs.  Limited winter training costs including indoor facility space rental, admission charge, and coaching stipend is usually included in the Club Tuition.  Additional rental is collected by Team Manager.

“Team Fee” is what each player pays to the Team Manager for team based expenses including:  referee fees, all tournament expenses, additional team IYSA, US Youth, and US Club registration fees not included above, league registration fee, coach out of town tournament expense and any other expenses incurred by the team.

3. Each player’s winter training fee includes indoor facility space rental, admission charge, and coaching stipend and is usually included in the Club Tuition.

4. Team Managers determine total amount to collect from each player for Team funded expenses. Each guest/Club pass player pays equal share of the tournament fee if participating in tournament.

5. Important- no one may waive any tuition or fees due to the Club, as the requests for tuition assistance goes to the USA of Indiana Board of Directors via the “Tuition Assistance Form” for approval.

Other Team Manager FAQ

Coaches checks: stipends are paid twice per season: half about mid season and half after the season ends. The coach must complete and file with USA of Indiana Treasurer a W-9 Independent Contractor Form before receiving the first check of the calendar year.

Tuition payments: 
Club Tuition is paid into the Club. Accepted are checks, credit cards, debit cards, e checks, USA of Indiana awarded tuition assistance, and Independent Contractor (payment) form from coach. There is NO WAIVED TUITION, including coach’s child, including Tuition Assistance players.

Team based fees: Team manager to communicate to each parent each team based charge. Team manager encouraged to spread payments over several months if necessary and not to over collect. No reason to have money remaining in team bank account at the end of the season. Refund state cup and other tournament performance bonds. Team manager encouraged to open team completely free checking account.  This will help prevent paying for tournament prior to collection of tournament fees from parents, keep Team funds separate from personal funds, and for ease of transferring to new manager. Caution on over draft bank fees and ISF checks.

Administrative Fee and Performance Bond Guide Lines: If team collects for performance bonds, refunds to parents are in order. Administrative fee should include the following incurred costs: postage, copying, cost to laminate player passes, cost of bank account maintenance (monthly service charges and fee for checks. Hint open free checking account). There are times when estimating a cost would be appropriate and is acceptable, those would relate to postage, copying and the cost to laminate player passes. The addition of any costs other than those listed should not be added without prior approval of the existing team parents and should be discussed on a seasonal basis.  Managers are highly encourage to regular publish the team’s expenses per item and payments per player.  Also publish the check register and check account balance.

Each team must establish a bank account so team funds are not commingled with the personal funds of the individual collecting and disbursing the team’s funds.

This money should be refunded to parents after checking with the Treasurer to be sure each player’s Tuition is fully paid.

Team based Expenses

Referee Fees: Calculate using instructions from your League.

Tournaments: Each team may choose to play in additional tournaments.
Collecting the monies on a as needed basis, allows your parents the flexibility to spread the cost of travel soccer over time, instead of having to pay all the costs at one time.

Coaches Travel Expenses
Reimbursement of any overnight tournament related fees is limited to the Team parents paying for the coach’s hotel room accommodation when staying at the same hotel as most of the team and for the same number of nights as most of the team. There are established guidelines with regard to the reimbursement of the coaches’ travel expenses in the coaches’ contract and the Travel Manual. They should only be collected when incurred.

“Coach Travel Expenses” is meant to offset a portion of an out of town tournament expense. It is NOT meant to be paid to, nor collected from parents for in or out of town mileage or anything else. The coach’s stipend covers everything else. Teams are not to collect additional money for coach unless it is approved by the USA of Indiana Travel Coordinator prior to the event. The request must include the reason and amount. Premier team coaches may incur greater travel expenses that are reimbursed by the Team.
Adopted 6/1/2007

Team Administrative Fee: The team administrative fees are those incurred expenses associated with managing the team. Examples of some of the expenses are as follows: postage, making copies, any fees associated with the team bank account and any other reasonable and customary expenses.


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