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Rec Plus Key Dates


Rec Plus Program Key Dates are included on the Recreation League Key Dates here
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WCSSF is our Rec Plus league 
WCSSF Game Schedule HERE
Key League Dates posted here LINK TO WCSSF

Fall 2019 REC PLUS

·         Games will be played against other clubs in the League such as Danville, Plainfield, Westside, TriWest, Lebanon, Speedway, Mill Creek, Ben Davis, and Montgomery County.  

·         Games will be scheduled no earlier than 6 PM on Friday nights, 12 noon on Saturdays, and 2 PM on Sundays.

·         Teams practice two nights per week - nights determined by coaches and field availability       


2009, 2008 Coed - Pike U12 Rec Plus --Games are 9v9

2007, 2006, 2005 Coed - Pike U15 Rec Plus -- games are 11 v.11

2004 - 2000 Coed - Pike U20 Rec Plus (also referred to as the High School division - Players born in 2000 and still in High School can play in the Fall only as an over age player.  Players born in 2005 have the option to still play in the U14 - U15 group, or to play in both at no extra charge.  This division combines all the high school ages) --  In the Fall this age group plays 7v7 on a U12/13 size field.  

8/6                          REC PLUS MANDATORY COACH MEETING, Directors Barn, MJGSC, 6:30p-8pm - all coaches (new & returning) must attend to discuss Fall teams & schedules.

8/20                        PIKE REC PLUS ACADEMY 6p-7:30p, Northwestway Park - Player attendance mandatory.  Player head shots will be taken for player cards. Parents to bring child's birth certificates 

8/21                        HENDRICKS REC PLUS ACADEMY 6p-7:30p, USAI Brownsburg Soccer Complex - Player attendance mandatory.  Player head shots will be taken for player cards. Parents to bring child's birth certificates 


8/22                       team rosters sent out.  Team practices may officially begin


8/24                       WCSSF game schedules posted


9/5                          WCSSF games begin


9/13                        Player Passes mandatory for all games beginning on Friday, September 13


10/11                     Rosters freeze – Friday, October 11 (midnight) for all divisions


10/19-20               No Games scheduled the weekend of October 19-20; however, teams may use those dates for make-up games.


10/23-24               Tourney Check-in Dates at the Brownsburg Middle School West (Door #6); 6-7:30 PM each night


10/26-27               REC PLUS tournament

·         11U Jamboree is Saturday, October 26, in the afternoon

·         13U, 15U and 19U/HS Tourney – – Saturday, October 26 – Sunday October 27

WCSSF League Guidelines

·         The WCSSF divides the divisions by age, not by ability.

·         Within the 10U, 12U & 15U divisions, there are two age groups per division.  For the HS Division, there are five age groups with the stipulation that the player MUST still be enrolled in high school.

·         For the 10U, 12U & 15U divisions, the WCSSF allows the top age group from the previous division to move up. 

o   For instance, the 10U division has both 10U age players and 9U age players.  Any 8U age players are allowed to move up, if the club feels that that player is ready.  However, a 7U age player cannot move up into the 10U division.  (Remember, that a 7U age player that plays in an 8U division, is still considered a 7U age player according to the age chart.)

o   Another instance, the 15U division has 15U age players, 14U age players and 13U age players.  12U age players are allowed to move up early into the 15U division, if the club feels that that player is ready.  However, an 11U age player is NOT allowed to move up into the 15U division.

·         For the High School division, the WCCSF allows two age levels to move up from the 15U division.  So, 15U age players and 14U age players are permitted to move up early into the High School division.


Specific Details for this 2019-2020 Soccer Season:

·         u11-12-13 division:  Standard Ages:  2007-2008-2009

·         u13-14-15 division:  Standard Ages:  2005-2006-2007

·         HS Division:  Standard Ages:  2000-2004 (enrolled in HS)


Birth Certificates are still required, so as you register players, request a copy of their birth certificate.


#3:  Select Pass Tweaks!

Revised:   5.2 "Note":  Players registered within a club may use the Select Pass to play up a level if needed. (i.e.- a 10U age player may choose to participate in a 12U division game; a 12U age player may participate in a 15U division game; a 14U age player or 15U age player may participate on a High School game.)  However, please check the "WCSSF Acceptable Age Chart" to verify if a player may participate in a higher level.


Revised:  5.5:  In order to play in a game, the Select Pass player must have the laminated Select Pass (player pass) to hand to the referee.  Xeroxed copies of the Select Pass are NOT allowed.  In addition to the Select Pass, the player may either be placed on the Game Card via GotSoccer before the game or simply be handwritten onto the Game Card.


  • NEW!  5.7:  Teams may only add Select Pass players to the game roster until the roster reaches 15 players for 15U division; 13 players for 12U; 15 players for HS Spring division; and 13 players for the HS Fall division.

Revised:  5.8: As coaches become aware that they will not have enough players to field a full team on the field, they should contact their Club’s director of coaching (DOC) to help find players from within their Select Soccer ranks to reach 15 players for 15U division; 13 players for 12U; 15 players for HS Spring division; and 13 players for the HS Fall division. (Note: Travel players cannot play with a Select Pass on a Select soccer team in which they are not officially rostered.)


Revised:  5.9: On the day of a game, if a team will be short players, the coach can use players from their Club’s Select Soccer teams by getting with another of the Club’s Select Soccer team’s coaches and asking if any player would be able to assist in the game.  The coach can add Select Players until their team reaches 15 players for 15U division; 13 players for 12U; 15 players for HS Spring division; and 13 players for the HS Fall division.   If this occurs, the coaches will need to exchange the effected player’s Select Soccer pass for the upcoming game. It will then be the responsibility of the two coaches to coordinate the return of the Select Pass before the next game.


#4:  Annual Club Fee will increase to $60 for the soccer year.  This is to help offset new fees being charged to the WCSSF to operate as a league under Indiana Soccer.


#5:  Team fees will increase by $10 as well.  This is due to the fact that GotSoccer is now charging the WCSSF $10 per team in order to use their software program.  So, this would bring the fees to $145 for 10U teams; $155 for 12U teams; $190 per 15U teams; $200 for HS teams.


#6:  Scheduling FYI:  Beginning with the Fall 2018 season, the WCSSF will begin scheduling games beginning at 6 PM on Friday evenings; 12 noon on Saturdays and 2 PM on Sundays.  If your club has a coach that coaches in both Rec and Select Soccer, you will need to arrange your Rec schedules so that that coach will be available for possible 12 noon games on Saturday.

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