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CDC Concussion Course

Travel Coach resource: Stipends procedures

Summary for independent contractors to be paid by USA of Indiana

  • All: complete criminal background check.
  • Supply Club with W-9 form each calendar year prior to first check AND send a revised W-9 with each address change throughout the year.
  • Travel Coaches: agree to and sign and supply Club with most current Coach Agreement.
  • Travel Coaches: supply your highest license certificate and have license achieved posted on Club website.  (If no license, please take both the USSF Introduction course (20 minutes) and the USSF 4v4 online course and send copy of certificates to President or DOC.  The online courses are free with $25 initial registration to take online education here. )
  • Travel Coaches: take CDC concussion course online while signed onto one's GotSoccer personal account.
  • Travel Coaches: take USC Anti-Bullying/LBGT and Heading courses online, report same to Club, have each achieved posted on website.
  • All Coaches: take Ministry Risk Management course and report same to Club (coming Fall 2018.)
  • Head Coaches: present individual player evaluations to the team on a timely basis.  There is a portion of the coaching stipend that is paid for player evaluations.  Deadline for Fall teams is November 30th.  Deadline for Spring teams is April 30th

General guidelines on travel coach stipends

  • All USA of Indiana compensation is paid in arrears.
  • Travel Coach stipends check are dated on or near 4/15 and 6/15 for spring; 9/15 and 11/15 for fall.
  • The Spring stipend period is 10/15-7/31 including October Team Formations, fall training, fall games.
  • The Fall stipend period is 6/1-12/31 including June Team Formations.

Each person, independent contractor, or company earning more than $599. in calendar year from United Soccer Alliance of Indiana - Pike Youth Soccer Club, Inc., MUST file with USA of Indiana bookkeeper a calendar year IRS W-9 prior to the first check being issued.  It only takes a minute (name, address, SSN/Company ID) and may be completed on your device and emailed.  No need to print, scan, etc.  Posted on the forms page:  USA of Indiana W-9 & Stipend Designation form 


Coaching Contract is posted on the Resources>Form page here. 

Concussion Quiz information posted here
Anti-Bully/LBGT course and Header course information is posted on Resources>Coaching Resources tab.  Page is posted here.