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United Soccer Alliance of Indiana

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Avon Field #81 & half #81 open for training under the lights.  There is room for up to 9 teams.

SportZone Winter 2019 Training Schedule:  SportZone schedule 
Reserve via Will's reservation system.
Reserve indoor school gym as ad hoc training.  soon: click here to reserve your time slot

these are optional slots and are meant to supplement your regular Sportzone training time each week

  • You must release your hour if you’re not going to use it (so that another team may use it).

Draft field maps for planning

Why does USA of Indiana play small sided games for 4u-U13u players? US Youth Soccer guidelines.
Small Sided Games Manual Part 1
Small Sided Games Manual Part 2

Fundamental Ball Skills School Manual
By US Youth Soccer Coaching Director Sam Snow, Coaching Director.  Key coaching points of each major technique in soccer are presented and there is an example training activity for each technique.  Major training concepts for learning specific physical movements are discussed.  11/11/09

US Youth Soccer Vision Statement Youth Soccer in America How Do We Measure Success?
Winning and losing are not the correct measures of success in youth soccer.  Instead we should measure the development of the players.  The next obvious follow-up question then is, “How do we measure the development of a single player?”  How do we measure success?  How do parents know if the team coach is doing a good job of teaching soccer to the players?  How does the novice coach know if the kids are growing within the game?  By US Youth Soccer Technical Department

FIFA nutrition information for soccer players.  
Author Dr. Don Kirkendall is a contributor on sports medicine for US Youth Soccer and U. S. Soccer.

Best Practices for Coaching Soccer in the United States by USSF