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USA of Indiana Tuition Payment Information

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USAi Travel Tuition is due July 1st or upon joining the team after tryouts.  If you don’t pay for the entire year in one check you must use Blue Sombrero payment plan. Please contact USA of Indiana Administrator, Travel League for help.

  • Club Tuition per player is posted on the Travel Team
  •  Each player is invoiced the exact Club Tuition including $200 deposit.
  •  Winter training price is $75. plus half annual Club tuition for u9-u14 players joining the team after Fall season.

Classic teams are on the low end and Premier teams are on the high end.  Most Premier teams have additional expenses. Please see your personalized Club Tuition invoice for the total amount due. If circumstances warrant, USA of Indiana may adjust each player’s Club Tuition based on the team’s total budgeted cost.

Club Tuition does not include uniforms, tournament fees, league fees and ref fees which vary by team.  Some team fees are under $100 and some are several hundreds of dollars depending upon the number and expense of tournaments and league fees and ref fees.  Limited winter indoor training is included in Club tuition and extra sessions may scheduled at an additional (field rental) cost.

Payments Options

Credit or Debit Card payments are made online (see your personalized invoice).
Check: Please include your player’s name and team on the check and mail to:
Treasurer, United Soccer Alliance of Indiana, P.O. Box 532472, Indianapolis, IN 46253
If you don’t pay entire balance in one check, please submit post dated checks for balance or use USA of Indiana’s Tuition payment plan on line.

USA of Indiana accepts “tuition payment plans.”  You may make multiple payments throughout the year and USA of Indiana will automatically charge your account each month until balance is paid.  All balances must be current at all times or player may not be able to participate. Player Tuition may be paid in installments

U8-U9 teams
$200 non-refundable Club Tuition deposit due by July 1st or when joining the team.
$100 per month beginning July 1st until paid until paid in full.
Team Fee paid to Team Manager for each season.

U10-U14 teams

$200 non-refundable Club Tuition deposit due by July 1st or when joining the team.
$100 per month beginning July 1st until paid until paid in full.
Team Fee paid to Team Manager for each season.

U15-U19 teams

$200 non-refundable Club Tuition deposit due by July 1st or upon acceptance to team. This payment secures your spot on a team.
$100 per month beginning July 1st until paid until paid in full.
If player is added to team after June Team Formations, there is still the opportunity to have monthly payments after the deposit is paid.
Team Fee paid to Team Manager.

Tuition Assistance Opportunities:

If you are not able to pay over time using the tuition payment plan, the Club has limited Tuition Assistance opportunities. Each family requesting assistance must complete an application, posted on the Forms page. Each family must pay the non-refundable deposit in order to be considered for Tuition Assistance.  Tuition Assistance grants are partial amounts and are not guaranteed. Additional volunteer time is expected from grantee. Note USA of Indiana and Indiana Soccer association offer Referee courses four times per year. Players could earn up to $50 each Saturday during Rec season.  Again the first option for families in need is to pay some agreed amount per month.

1. Each travel player must first pay $200 non refundable commitment deposit prior to be added to the official roster.
2. Each travel player must either fully pay or create a secured payment plan in Blue Sombrero player account.  (Post dated checks are welcome.  Tuition assistance players’  balance after grant must be addressed with Administrator if not secured with credit card, debit card or checks.)
3. Each travel player’s past due balance must first be addressed prior to being added to the official roster.  (Either pay, create secured payment plan, or apply and  receive a grant for retroactive tuition assistance.)
4. Adhere to the tuition assistance procedures which include $100 non refundable commitment deposit with application and government school lunch program qualification.
5. At least $300 total paid (June, July 1st, August 1st) prior to being added to official U9-U18 roster.
6. Only paid players or players with secured payment plan may be added to the official roster.

Club Tuition
: All players must pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm a position with the team.

Team Fee
: Each team determines its own Team budget to include all tournament fees, referee fees, league registration and fees, and any additional team expense to be incurred by the team. Please note that some team budgets may require adjustments during the season, i.e. decision to play in an additional tournament. This amount is paid via check to your Team Manager.  This amount could be under $100 to several hundred per player.

USA of Indiana Injury Policy

Injury prior to August 1, full Club Tuition (for Fall) refund, less deposit.
Injury between August 1- September 15, 50% of Club Tuition (less deposit)
After September 15, No refund.
Injury prior to March 1, full Club Tuition (for Spring) refund less deposit.
Injury between March 1- April 15, 50% of Club Tuition (less deposit)
After April 15, No refund.

Typical USA of Indiana Tuition and Parent FAQ

Premier teams and u15-u19 team costs are higher.  The greatest variable is the Coaching stipend, customized to each coach’s experience and education. Uniform kit is about $90 for two jerseys, shorts, socks, training t’s and full amount is paid with order directly to uniform vendor.  Coaching gear is purchased by USA of Indiana using adidas merchandise credits from accruals with each uniform purchase.

“Club Tuition” is what each player pays into the Club and includes USA of Indiana’s registration fee, coaching stipend, Soccer Director and trainer stipends, all ordinary US Club or ISA fees, including team registration fee.  USA of Indiana Registration portion includes allocated expenses (paint, nets, goals, equipment, website, communication, administration), Ref assignor fees for home games, online player registration costs.  Limited winter training costs including indoor facility space rental, admission charge, and coaching stipend is usually included in the Club Tuition.  Additional rental is collected by Team Manager.

“Team Fee” is what each player pays to the Team Manager for team based expenses including:  referee fees, all tournament expenses, additional team ISA and US Club registration fees not included above, league registration fee, coach out of town tournament expense and any other expenses incurred by the team.
(Note ICL is more expensive than other leagues yet there is a significant savings in travel expenses for teams playing ICL.) Team Managers determine total amount to collect from each player for Team funded expenses.  Each guest or Club Pass player pays equal share of the tournament fee if participating in tournament. Important- no one may waive any Tuition or fees due to the Club or Team.  Requests for Tuition Assistance goes to the USA of Indiana Board of Directors via the “Tuition Assistance Application” for approval.


USA of Indiana Tuition Assistance is a part of the Club’s effort to allow all children to play soccer.  It is not designed, however, to allow applicants to play for free.  There are a number of options you may pursue that may help you to meet your family’s specific needs.
USA of Indiana Recreation League follows Board policy and implements tuition assistance in the following manner:
1.  Pay full tuition but stretch payments over a 3 month period.  This provides you with an interest free loan.  Most USA of Indiana applicants chose this option.
2.  Provide a hard copy of your qualification for meal assistance at a public school along with your application.  USA of Indiana then likely grants some amount of tuition assistance.  In most cases, the player receives a $15 to $30 or more per player grant to partially cover the cost.  Accepting tuition assistance, the family assumes the responsibility of performing additional volunteer work such as lining the fields, staffing the referee payment center, or working at the snack bar.

To apply, please complete the necessary forms from Forms page and contact USA of Indiana Recreation Registration Commissioner.